List of publications

No.Material namePost typeEditionCo-authorsPagesPublication year
1Selection, preparation and quality control of interviewers’ workStudy guideRCIOM «Izhtimoy fikr», TashkentKadyrova D.F., Khadzhimukhamedov M.K., Kayumov U.K., Sadykov T.O.50 p.2011
2The value system as a factor in the formation of political preferences of youth in UzbekistanMaterials of the scientific and practical conference«Social protection in the field of protection of families and children in Uzbekistan» NUUZ, TashkentNonepp. 66-682013
3Inclusive education as an effective mechanism for the social integration of children with special needs into societyMaterials of the scientific and practical conference«Social protection of motherhood and childhood in the context of modernization of Uzbek society» NUUZ, TashkentNonepp. 270-2732016
4Content analytical research in the study of public opinionCollective monograph«Iqtisod-moliya», TashkentTeam of authors112 p.2016
5Modern approaches to the construction of a representative national 6 territorial sampleScientific article (VAK)Journal «Public opinion and human rights» No. 4, TashkentKhadzhimukhamedov M.K. Bokun I.M. Garipov F.R.  pp. 102-1092017
6Institutional framework and mechanisms for ensuring information security of youthCollective monograph«Iqtisod-moliya», TashkentTeam of authors220 p.2017
7Features of the formation and use of a stratified sampleInternational collection of scientific articles (RSCI)«Modern science:  Theoretical and practical Look «, MoscowNopp. 83-862018
8Stratified sampling in business research practiceCollection of scientific and practical theses  «Uzbekiston Respubliki Iktisodiyotini Innovation Rivozhlantirish: Khorizhiy Tajriba, tendentsialar va istikbollar» State Economic University of the Republic of Uzbekistan, TashkentNopp. 245-2472018
9The main types of stratified sampling on the example of youth research in the field of educationMaterials of the scientific-practical conference«Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan: science, education and upbringing of youth», branch of Moscow State University, TashkentNopp. 208-2112018
10Promising approaches to monitoring educational activity through the prism of social potential.Collection of scientific articles  «Actual problems of sociology and social work in the XXI century», NUUZ, TashkentNopp. 216-2202019
11Education as a basic characteristic of sociocultural stratificationCollection of scientific and practical theses«Topical issues of modern sociology in the information society», NUUZ, TashkentNopp. 458-4602019
12Working toolkit for the sociological research «Family and Morality»Study guideRCIOM «Izhtimoy fikr», TashkentAta-Mirzaev O.B. Bokun I.M. A. V. Kuznetsova60 p.2019
13Public opinion and family in UzbekistanCollective monographRCIOM «Izhtimoy fikr», TashkentTeam of authors208 p.2019
14Transformation of the social structure of Uzbek society: approaches, attitudes, opinionsCollective monographRCIOM «Izhtimoy fikr», TashkentTeam of authors158 p.2019
15Possible approaches to the study of socio-cultural stratification of student youthScientific article (VAK)Published in the electronic journal «Journal of Social Research» # 2, issue 2, 2020Kuznetsova A.Vpp.129-1362020
16The use of ICT in the process of conducting practical classes with student sociologistsCollection of materials of the republican scientific and practical conference “Milliy yuksalishni ta’minlashda iztimoy-humanitarian fanlarningA. V. Kuznetsovapp. 84-862020
17Opportunities for exploring digital stratification through online surveysCollection of materials of the republican scientific and practical conference«Sociology of Kitish va social tadqikotlarni tashkil»Nopp. 68-702020
18Methodological approaches to the study of semiotics of sound, in the context of creating educational audiovisual materialScientific article (VAK)Published in the journal Science, Education and Innovation # 2 2020 Markov S.Yu.pp. 196-2002020
19Application of methods of cognitive graphics in the formation of a stratified territorial sampleScientific article (VAK)submitted for publication in the journal Science and Innovative Development No. 5, 2020 (publication is scheduled for November)No10 p.2020
20Influence of information technologies on the spiritual and moral development of the younger generationCollection of materials of the republican scientific and practical conferencePublished in the 3rd edition of the 19th multidisciplinary scientific and practical conference Nopp. 9-102020
21Modern methods of studying public opinion. Design and implementation of online researchStudy guideRCIOM «Izhtimoy fikr», TashkentBokun I.M. A. V. Kuznetsova64 p.2020
22Methodological approaches to the study of semiotics of sound, in the context of creating educational audio-visual materialScientific article (SCOPUS)Psychology and Education (2021) 58 (1): 92-96 ISSN: 00333077 Markov S.Yu.10 p.2020
23Aspects of digital stratification in the context of informatization of societyCollection of materials of the international scientific and practical conference(Manuscript)Bokun I.M.5 p.2020